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The meaning and what it stands for. B. Lynch Clothing

What it stands for.

B. Brand

L. Lifestyle

C. Culture

All About Me

(Before I decided to start my clothing line I was placed in a situation where I had to think if I was fired from my job how would I make money to take care of my family. A simple traffic stop turned into, if my job finds out, I’m going to get fired. At this point I realized I have to work for myself. What can I do? I’ve always been a fan of fashion and I had been thinking of starting a t shirt line. As soon as I was released the next couple of weeks after I started buying what I needed and learning what I needed to know. I haven’t looked back since 2014. When I first started I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and make my own money on my on time.


So (B) is for Blessed - Brand to be a blessing and it’s also my nickname Bubby( is a my nickname that came from my sister when we were young she couldn’t say brother so she called me Bubby). (L) stands for leader - Lifestyle , I have always been my own man and stood on what I believed in I never was a follower it was just my lifestyle . (Y) stands for You. It starts with you. Every morning you wake up is a new opportunity to rewrite or add to your story. Fill your cup first so that you can be a blessing to others. But it starts with you.

N) necessary essential or needed in order to do something, provide something, or make something happen. (C) char·ac·ter - Culture moral qualities that I have inspired to live up to and hold myself accountable to.(H) HARDWORK

The entrepreneurial journey to success is notoriously hard, and the start-up failure rate is very high. An entrepreneur has the persistence to see things through to the end even when faced with obstacles and difficulties , so with out HARDWORK and Dedication. There’s no Growth so keep pushing.

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